Lindsay Corporation partners with Ceres Imaging on irrigation platform

January 5, 2023

Lindsay Corporation is partnering with Ceres Imaging which will see Ceres imagery added to Lindsay’s FieldNET platform, a platform that enhances growers’ ability to remotely monitor, control, analyze and apply irrigation recommendations.

The addition of Ceres’ imagery and access to its analytics platform will allow growers to monitor and adjust operations based on indicators of crop performance such as emergence, canopy density, soil composition, water stress and nitrogen content. These indicators will provide insights into crop health in alignment with Lindsay’s smart pivot innovation roadmap and enhance the ability of growers to choose solutions tailored to their needs.

The data connection between the FieldNET and Ceres Imaging platforms will be two-way, with Ceres imagery provided and shown in the FieldNET platform. In-depth analytics and recommendations, powered by FieldNET data, will also be accessible within the Ceres Imaging platform. Sharing encrypted data with permission of the grower allows the two platforms to work more efficiently and provide custom recommendations for optimal yield while supporting growers’ sustainable farming practices.

Gustavo Oberto, president of global irrigation at Lindsay, says the partnership will create value for the companies’ mutual customers. “We know that no two fields, no two operations, no two crops are the same, so we are excited to provide our customers this choice among a suite of imaging options compatible with current and future irrigation innovation,” he said.

Ashwin Madgavkar, founder of Ceres Imaging, agreed. “Our passion for agriculture and helping growers maximize their potential is at the root of what we do at Ceres. We see that same passion and drive to create innovative solutions and analytics in Lindsay’s product line-up.”

Image courtesy Lindsay Corporation

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