WeGrow AG joins forces with Phospholutions to bring RhizoSorb to new markets

June 7, 2024

Phospholutions, the team behind RhizoSorb technology, announced their official partnership to commercially launch RhizoSorb with WeGrow AG.

RhizoSorb represents a new offering in the competitive commodity market to provide a more accessible, efficient and sustainable source of phosphorus fertilizer across North, Central and South America.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with WeGrow AG, an esteemed specialty crop nutrition solutions leader,” said James Ortiz, chief commercial officer at Phospholutions. “As Phospholutions advances its global mission to extend the benefits of our patented phosphate technology across the industry supply chain, this collaboration with WeGrow AG, focusing on specialty markets, aligns seamlessly with our broader ambition to commercialize our technology.”

Phospholutions stated that it selected WeGrow AG as the launch partner for RhizoSorb due to its proven track record in product validation across diverse environments, which utilizes an extensive distribution network and partnerships with leading universities. WeGrow AG will also enhance commercialization efforts by partnering with government entities to register and approve products.

Earlier this year, WeGrow AG initiated the initial testing phase across 13 countries, from Mexico to Argentina. Field testing and customer demonstrations across the vast region will strengthen RhizoSorb’s proven performance in five additional countries, echoing successes observed in the United States, where growers have effectively boosted efficiency with its distinctive plant-driven nutrient release mechanism.

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