Power Leaves Corp. announces ICA registration for novel coca fertilizer product

September 21, 2023

Power Leaves Corp. (PLC), a manufacturer of decocainized coca leaf extract, announced that the registration of its novel fertilizer product has been approved by the Instituto Colombiano Agropecuario (ICA) (Colombian USDA-equivalent).

Specifically, this ICA registration is for PLC’s bulk fertilizer product that contains shredded coca leaves (24 percent of total weight) and allows PLC to begin commercial sales domestically.

“This is a milestone that underscores our commitment to ethical and sustainable business practices and further validates the disruptive potential of our coca-based products,” said Pat McCutcheon, Power Leaves co-founder and CEO. “We remain grateful for the support of the Colombian Government and are optimistic they will become a major customer for our fertilizer products.”

Additionally, PLC continues the development of a second fertilizer additive product produced from the waste stream of its decocainization process. This product will allow PLC to transform its waste materials into a source of revenue rather than incurring costs for remediation. This continued product development will strengthen PLC’s ability to capitalize on the growing $200B+ global fertilizer industry.

PLC maintains its appreciation for the ongoing support of the Colombian Government. This includes the named support by the President of Colombia, Gustavo Petro Urrego, inclusion in the Colombian Government’s National Development Plan, site visits by the Vice President of Colombia, and the signing of the agreement with Agrosavia (the Government of Colombia’s agricultural arm).

This public support will allow PLC to continue to expand its business and product portfolio while offering increased brand awareness and positioning PLC as the bellwether of this newly forming coca industry.

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