Over Five Million Acres of Farmland Globally Use BiOWiSH Enhanced Fertilizer

February 22, 2024

BiOWiSH Technologies, Inc., a provider of biotechnology solutions, announced that BiOWiSH Crop Liquid is being used on over five million acres of farmland.

The company stated that due in large part to partners like SABIC Agri-Nutrients, Syngenta MAP (Modern Agricultural Program), ADM and PetroVietnam Ca Mau Fertilizer, farmers throughout the United States, China, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Indonesia and Vietnam are experiencing “impressive results” with the addition of BiOWiSH products to their fertility programs.

BiOWiSH is one of the few microbial fertilizer enhancements recommended for coating of straight urea, the world’s most-used fertilizer. The company stated that adding BiOWiSH directly to fertilizer creates a new class of bio-enhanced efficiency fertilizer (EEF) and makes it an easy fertility program modification for farmers looking to benefit from improved nutrient use efficiency and optimized yield potential.

“We’ve seen global success in reducing nitrogen use while increasing or maintaining yield across numerous geographies,” said Rod Vautier, president of BiOWiSH. “Furthermore, optimizing nutrient use efficiency (NUE) enhances agricultural productivity and helps to minimize the loss of nutrients to unproductive pathways, and also aids in reducing the carbon footprint of the agricultural supply chain.”

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