Ostara obtains organic registration of recovered nutrients for crop production

April 24, 2024

Ostara Europe (UK) LTD has secured the world’s first, pure struvite, fully recovered crop nutrition source approved for use in alignment with the standards of the EU organic legislation and the Dutch Input list.

Crystal Green Pearl is now registered for use in certified organic farming in both Austria and the Netherlands.

Founded in 2005, Ostara has nutrient recovery technology that reclaims phosphorus and nitrogen from municipal and industrial water supplies. The company also reclaims struvite, a compound of magnesium ammonium phosphate, that can form deposits in water pipes, pumps and digesters.

Crystal Green Pearl is a concentrated fertilizer sold in granule form containing nitrogen and phosphorus, with an analysis 5-28-0, and magnesium. Nutrients are released upon contact with root exudates.

“Crystal Green offers organic farmers a proven, high analysis slow-release source of essential nutrients without containing animal by-products, thus reducing the risk of cross contamination,” Monty Bayer, chief executive officer at Ostara, told New AG International.

Crystal Green Pearl is minimally water-soluble, although it’s 100 percent soluble in weak organic acids naturally exuded from plants. This maximizes nutrient availability and eliminates the environmental issues often associated with conventional fertilizers.

“Over the past 15 years, Crystal Green Pearl has been marketed in Europe and North America as a superior fertilizer for various crops including maize, corn, leguminous crops, sod farms, vegetables, fruit and oilseed crops,” notes Bayer. “Crystal Green Pearl outperforms traditional fertilizers in both organic and conventional farming through a variety of benefits including enhancing root development in the early growth stages, avoiding seed injury due to an extremely low salt index and providing season long availability of critical nutrients.”

Bayer adds that Ostara is in the process of expanding its organic certification of Crystal Green Pearl throughout the major European markets and the UK, Canada, and the U.S.


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