J.R. Simplot Co. to close California facility

September 28, 2023

The J.R. Simplot Co. plans to close its fertilizer manufacturing facility in Lathrop, Calif. (U.S.), next year.

Lower demand for products distributed from the facility and higher costs over the past several years are factors, according to a release from the Boise, Idaho-based agribusiness company.

“We recognize the very real and often difficult impact a plant closure has on people and the community,” president and CEO Garret Lofto said in the release. “We want to thank all of our Lathrop employees who have supported our efforts. The decision does not reflect the effort, pride and commitment they’ve shown over the years.”

Simplot produced controlled-released fertilizer at the Lathrop plant, as well as a ‘fused-safe’ ammonium sulphate nitrate based on Honeywell technology.

In April 2016, the company announced that it would begin in-house production of its GAL-XEONE controlled-release polymer coating at its Lathrop plant. The statement did not provide details on current production lines.

In May 2016, JR Simplot announced its new FUSN fertilizer, which is a ‘fused-safe’ ammonium sulphate nitrate fertilizer. Having collaborated with Honeywell on the project, using Honeywell’s Sulf-N26 technology, the new product was set to be produced at the company’s Lathrop facility.

The closure is planned by Aug. 31, 2024.

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