Fertiberia and Agrifirm join forces for development of low-carbon crop nutrition solutions in the Netherlands

June 20, 2024

Through its Dutch subsidiary Van De Reijt, Fertiberia has allied with The Royal Agrifirm Group, a cooperative with more than 10,000 members, to drive the development of low-carbon fertilizers in the Netherlands.

The cooperative has already received the first containers of Nergetic DS+ DuoPro – Impact Zero, a crop nutrition solution produced with renewable hydrogen and minimal CO2 emissions. In turn, the DuoPro Technology, present in Nergetic fertilizers, protects all nutrients in the crop nutrition solution from leaching losses.

The product provides nitrogen with dual protection, 1) in the form of a regulating polymer which coats fertilizer granules, protecting all nutrients and slowing losses by leaching nitric and ammoniacal nitrogen, and 2) in the form of a nitrification inhibitor, which promotes the reduction of nitric nitrogen leaching.

Grupo Fertiberia reports it is transforming its production capacity on the Iberian Peninsula and is leading new initiatives in Sweden and Norway based on renewable energy sources.

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