Biostimulant World Congress 2021

August 15, 2023

Welcome to the first ever stand-alone publication for the Biostimulant World Congress (BSWC).

This e-book endeavors to provide an overview of the successful 5th edition of the Congress, which ran in Miami, Florida 29 Nov-2 Dec, and as a virtual event in the following week, 6-7 December.

We thank our e-book sponsors for making this e-book possible, which provides an overview of the Congress soon after the event, which can also be of benefit to the wider biological ag-input sector.

The Biostimulant World Congress provided a feast of ideas and information on this dynamic sector. This e-book does not try to encapsulate everything from the Congress – there were 92 posters on display for a start! – but there is a wealth of material within these pages.

In this e-book we have an exclusive interview with Rovensa CEO Eric Van Innis.

Thanks are due to our other sponsors, all of whom took advantage of the BSWC to communicate their latest activity:

  • Acadian Plant Health
  • AgriThority
  • DPH Biologicals
  • Intermag
  • Tradecorp (a Rovensa company)

The 5th BSWC in Miami provided a feel-good factor to be back as an in-person event. Enjoy this addition to the New AG International E-Book Series.

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