Rovensa Group launches Rovensa Next

February 8, 2023

Rovensa Group has launched Rovensa Next, a new global business unit dedicated to biosolutions for agriculture.

Rovensa Next aggregates 10 Rovensa Group companies, creating a platform of biosolutions to shape a sustainable future for agriculture and drive its bio-transformation. With this announcement, AgrichembioAgrotecnologíaIdai NatureMicroquimicaMIP AgroOGTOro AgriRodelSDP, and Tradecorp will become part of the new business unit, combining local technical knowledge, innovation and teams that work alongside farmers and distributors in the field.

“Farmers and distributors do not need a singular product or a multi-card generalist; they need specialized advisers to help them create a potent strategy that considers their local environment and challenges,” said Eric van Innis, Rovensa Group CEO“Rovensa Next is our answer to our partners’ needs for sustainable crop management that leads to safe and healthy products with better quality and increased yield.”

Rovensa Next unites a global network of 30 R&D laboratories, excellence centres, fields and greenhouses; 14 production plants; more than 84 partnerships with research centres and universities; 100 R&D and innovation specialists; and a dedicated team of more than 850 field experts.

According to Carlos Ledó, co-chief operating officer of Rovensa Next, with a rising population and a changing climate, there is a need to transform the agricultural sector. “The formation of Rovensa Next, consisting of 10 brands with entrepreneurship in their DNA, gives us the right talent, know-how, expertise and innovation to drive the necessary change in agriculture. The time is now for sustainable transformation.”

 José Alfredo García, co-chief operating officer of Rovensa Next, added: “We want to be a trusted partner that helps our customers drive sustainable transformation without compromising on performance and yield output. Our unique value add is our team of field experts that work on the ground with growers to understand their needs and solve their challenges. By uniting all of our local and specialized expertise in various crops and geographical areas into one global portfolio of solutions, we aim to help facilitate, or even kickstart, the bio-transformation for customers, ultimately helping to shape an overall more sustainable future.”

With the new business unit, Rovensa Group anticipates a turnover of more than EUR 1 billion by 2025. The global transition to Rovensa Next will be followed by local implementation across all countries from July 2023.

Photo: José Alfredo García, Co-COO Rovensa Next, Javier Calleja, incoming CEO Rovensa Group, Eric van Innis, CEO Rovensa Group and Carlos Ledó, Co-COO Rovensa Next.

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