Exacta Bioscience and Ginkgo Bioworks announce partnership

October 20, 2023

Exacta Bioscience is leveraging Ginkgo Bioworks’ end-to-end agricultural R&D services to run a fermentation optimization and scale-up program to enhance one of its crop protection products, FitoRoot, paving the way for large-scale commercialization.

FitoRoot, a biostimulant product composed of three Bacillus strains, is designed to help crops better absorb water and nutrients and strengthen their defenses against abiotic stress.

Through this partnership, Exacta will use Ginkgo’s fermentation and formulation optimization services to reduce the cost of goods to make its FitoRoot technology more competitive.

FitoRoot is currently marketed in Chile and is expected to expand to other Latin American markets, with a planned launch in 2023 by Adama Chile, who is driving biological adoption in the region.

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