Biostimulants World Congress now underway in Milan

November 30, 2023

The world’s leading event on plant biostimulants – Biostimulants World Congress – is underway in Milan, Italy, with 1,300 attendees from over 70 countries and encompassing about 600 companies.

Hosted by New AG International and EBIC, the Biostimulants World Congress is a forum rich in disseminating scientific research, field-trial results, and technical discussion on topics around plant biostimulants and interlinked disciplines. All scientific presentations are screened for quality and carefully selected by the event’s prestigious scientific committee.

Topics from this year’s program include priming plants for enhanced defense; measuring efficacy for plant biostimulants; biological mechanisms for biostimulant function; understanding crop and agroecosystem function for the designing of new products; and more.

Promoting the successful application of biostimulant products is at the heart of the Biostimulants World Congress. This year, the Farmers Award, hosted by Syngenta Biologicals, returned to highlight growers who are implementing biostimulants to increase their crop yield and health through sustainable farming methods.

There is also an Innovation Showcase, where five companies have five minutes to pitch ideas to a panel.

This year’s exhibition has 87 submissions on display, from which members of the scientific committee will select a winner.

Co-located with this year’s Biostimulant World Congress was the Biocontrol and Biomes event, 28-29 November, hosted by New AG International. This event unites scientific excellence and cutting-edge innovations in the field of biocontrol. Participants connected with a diverse range of entrepreneurs, newcomers and established stakeholders in the biocontrol sector to explore the most recent scientific advancements and foster fruitful partnerships.

The Biostimulants World Congress takes place in MiCo centre, Milan, Italy 28 November – 1 December.

Members of the Scientific Committee offer an insight into the various conference tracks at this year’s event in our NOV/DEC 2023 issue of New AG International. See: March to Milan

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