Bionema launches biostimulant RootVita

October 19, 2023

Bionema Group has unveiled a new biostimulant product in the UK developed for application in agriculture, horticulture, forestry, turf and amenities.

RootVita is a blend of biofertilizers, PGPR (plant growth promoting rhizobacteria), essential nutrients, prebiotics, and vitamins.

Plants treated with RootVita exhibit improved resistance to abiotic stress factors such as heat, drought and salt. Additionally, their roots tend to access more nutrients and absorb water more effectively. The formula addresses a wide range of critical aspects for plant growth and soil enhancement, including nitrogen fixation, phosphorus solubilization, silica solubilization, potash mobilization, micronutrient assimilation, soil health, and organic carbon enrichment.

The Bionema team conducted a series of glasshouse and field trials across various locations including the UK, EU, India, Canada and Mexico. The results of these trials suggest that RootVita has the potential to enable farmers to reduce their fertilizer usage by up to 30 percent, all while maintaining approximately 93 percent of their crop yields. Specifically, in Bionema’s glasshouse trials, root growth was observed to be 35 percent more robust when using a recommended mixture of 50 percent fertilizer in combination with Bionema’s RootVita product.

Bionema’s expanded portfolio enhances the company’s offering to the biological agriculture sector, and complements its ongoing research, training and other services in the continuing development of novel biological solutions. It reflects Bionema’s evolution in focus and strategy, announced in 2022 following the company’s deal with Syngenta that secured Bionema’s position as a top 20 world-leading biocontrol company.

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