ADM launches biostimulant product to boost corn yields

February 1, 2023

Agribusiness giant ADM has launched its biostimulant product NeoVita™ 43 aimed at boosting corn yields through improved nutrient-use efficiency.

“In multiyear trials hosted at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, NeoVita™ 43 biostimulant, plus with liquid starter fertilizer, increased corn yields up to seven bushels/acre versus starter fertilizer alone,” said ADM, one of the original big four ABCD grain traders.

“NeoVita 43 can help farmers capture more value from available nutrients by supercharging microbial activity in the rhizosphere, thereby making more nutrients accessible to plants,” said Graig Whitehead, ADM director of biologicals and new technology. ” For farmers using liquid in-furrow treatments at planting, this offers an easy and cost-effective way to boost yields and optimize fertilizer use efficiency.”

The company said that NeoVita 43 is formulated to mimic the plant root exudate that supports soil microbial activity promoting nutrient availability and uptake by the plant.

“The University of Illinois has been collaborating for multiple years with ADM and others to test biostimulant products to help ensure their efficacy,” said Fred Below, Ph.D., professor of plant physiology, University of Illinois.

The biostimulant can be applied with liquid starter fertilizer at planting and does not require additional mixing or special handling. ADM says it will be available in 275-gallon totes and the MSRP is expected to be less than $8 per acre.

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