Kraton launches bio-based fertilizer coating for agriculture use

March 1, 2024

Kraton Corporation, a producer of specialty polymers and biobased products derived from pine wood pulping co-products, has launched SYLVASOLV, a new line of biobased hydrocarbon oils.

The first product in the line, SYLVASOLV 1000, has been specifically developed to meet the functional needs of the agriculture industry, finding use in fertilizer coatings and crop protection.

SYLVASOLV 1000 can be used in various fertilizer coating applications to control dust and provide anti-caking properties during handling, transportation, storage and use. Additionally, SYLVASOLV 1000 is suitable for oil-based adjuvants in various pesticide formulations.

The SYLVASOLV product line is derived from crude tall oil (CTO), a byproduct of the Kraft pulp industry, and is sourced from forests and non-genetically modified trees. SYLVASOLV oils have “excellent solvency power, which can enhance formulation optionality, enabling lower viscosity and safer handling due to their low-temperature properties,” according to the company.

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