Rovensa Next announces partnership with Biocontrol Coalition

April 25, 2024

Rovensa Next has formally announced its partnership with the Biocontrol Coalition, a new campaigning coalition advocating for increased access to biocontrol within the European Union (EU).

“The lack of a Single Market for biocontrol products in the European Union leaves farmers at a significant disadvantage,” said Rovensa Next in its 25 April statement. “Recognizing this issue, the Biocontrol Coalition has been formed as a multi-stakeholder platform to address the challenges posed by the EU regulatory framework for plant protection.”

One of the advocacy aims of the BC Coalition is to secure a focus for biocontrol innovation in the European Commission’s 2024-2029 work program.

European farmers face a competitive disadvantage compared to their counterparts in other regions where approval processes are more streamlined, the statement continued.

“Enhancing agricultural practices demands solutions that lift confidence in the IPM strategy and guarantee the quality of the final product for consumers”, explained Laurent Gouzou, Head of Global Regulatory Affairs at Rovensa Next.

In the European Union, regulation is lagging far behind innovation, according to Gouzou.

The BC Coalition was launched in January 2024, with Rovensa Next and seven other companies listed as Leading members: Aphea.Bio, Atlántica Agrícola, Certis Belchim, Diachem, Evergreen Garden Care, Lallemand Plant Care, and Syngenta.

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