Biocontrol Coalition – podcast with Secretariat and two supporting associations

March 26, 2024

A new campaigning coalition advocating the increased access to biocontrol within the European Union (EU) was launched in January 2024.

The Biocontrol Coalition already has a number of leading companies among its membership and aims to capitalise on EU elections that are coming up this year. The elections mark the beginning of a new 5-year policy cycle, providing an infrequent opportunity to influence the agenda shaping agri-food innovation.

Prospero & Partners, a management consultancy based in Belgium, is spear-heading the secretariat role for the coalition. In this podcast, New AG International spoke with:
Kristen Sukalac – Consulting Partner, Prospero & Partners
Bill Wirtz – Senior Policy Analyst, Consumer Choice Center
Santiago Campos Martínez, Policy Officer based in Brussels for the Spanish Association of Young Farmers ASAJA.

To aid navigation, here is a timeline for the podcast:
00:00:25 Intro to Biocontrol Coalition and unique features
00:02:50 Intro Consumer Choice Center
00:06:15 Why 2024 is important
00:14:00 Intro ASAJA
00:20:00 impact of Pandemic
00:24:00 Timeline for Biocontrol Coalition

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