SQM launches new water-soluble product for European markets

July 15, 2022

Chile’s SQM is bringing a new potassium nitrate with iodine product to European markets.

Containing 13.7% nitrogen, 46.3% potassium, Ultrasoline K Plus is backed by more than 100 field trials with growers says the company.

The addition of iodine allows the grower to maintain an effective and safe concentration of iodine in the root zone. “As a result, Ultrasoline K Plus can prevent iodine deficiency in crops without the risk of excessive iodine application,” the Chilean company said.

The company says its field trial results demonstrated that iodine can deliver distinct benefits for root growth, above ground plant growth, photosynthesis, nitrogen metabolism, abiotic stress tolerance, and less fruit rot.

Learn more from SQM on its research into iodine, here.

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