BioConsortia extends nitrogen-fixing microbial products beyond cereals

January 29, 2024

BioConsortia, Inc., an agricultural technology company that designs and licenses microbial products, announced that the company has developed nitrogen-fixing products to expand the addressable market to new crop opportunities.

In 2023 field trials, levels of nitrogen-replacement from BioConsortia’s seed and soil treatment products met or exceeded performance expectations when evaluated in potatoes, tomatoes and lettuce. This important step expands the potential market for BioConsortia’s nitrogen-fixing products and their impact in addressing the environmental impacts of fertilizer runoff and overuse beyond cereals markets.

“The field results in potatoes and other vegetables continue to impress, and we’re excited to continue our work with vegetable seed developers, input providers and growers around the globe, as we get one step closer to product launch,” said Dr. Hong Zhu, senior vice president of research and development at BioConsortia, Inc.

“This is an exciting development for BioConsortia and the vegetable industry,” added Marcus Meadows-Smith, CEO at BioConsortia. “Products like these allow growers to reduce their reliance on synthetic nitrogen fertilizers and better meet the challenges of balancing crop productivity with ecological safety.”

BioConsortia’s nitrogen-fixing seed treatment products have already been validated through hundreds of field trials in cereals like wheat, rice and corn, where the products routinely deliver increased yield or enable nitrogen displacement. In fruit and vegetable markets, BioConsortia will offer both seed treatment and formulations designed for application to soil or through drip irrigation.

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