unveils Source Irrigation Control

March 7, 2024, a provider of AI solutions for fruit and vegetable growers, launched Source Irrigation Control: an autonomous irrigation solution that adjusts irrigation strategy execution in response to changing weather conditions and plant data.

With Source Irrigation Control, growers can set irrigation targets to suit their preferred cultivation strategy, combining their cultivation knowledge with’s data science capabilities. The data-driven irrigation solution offers growers multiple benefits in terms of crop quality, resource management, and business growth opportunities. The system predicts the water and nutrient uptake of plants and then applies its findings to a proactive irrigation plan that promotes root growth and healthy root development.

According to Rien Kamman, CEO and co-founder of, Source Irrigation Control monitors local weather changes every 15 minutes and automatically adjusts irrigation to accommodate them. “After the successful launch of our first product, Source Track, and the complementary Source Plant App, this latest launch means growers can now harness the competitive advantages of AI for data interpretation and irrigation.”

The company is now rolling out Source Irrigation Control to growers worldwide.

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