Dyacare in UK launches new seaweed-based product as gel formulation


Dyacare, the B2B supplier of seaweed extract, has launched SEAMEGEL, produced from fresh Laminaria digitata in a gel formulation.

The company has developed proprietary technology to produce the gel without the use of chemicals. The gel has sufficient viscosity that it can be used as a seed treatment.
Laminaria is a fast-growing seaweed, increasing by 5.5% per day, according to the company. The gel produced has a neutral pH.

The gel contains vitamins, proteins and compounds, such as gibberellic acid that stimulates the germination of seeds. Dyacare says the combination of bioactives within the gel also help to boost the early stages of plant growth. Agriculture and horticulture are among the target markets.

Martin Driscoll, CEO of Dyacare UK, told New AG International that potential buyers are also likely to include laboratories or any company involved in the growing of bacteria, because of the sugars present in the gel.

Seamegel provides a food source for bacteria to breach seed walls and speed up germination.

“I wanted to produce a gel so it could be used not only as a seed treatment but also for hydroseeding,” said Driscoll. Hydroseeding opens up additional markets, such as turf and recreation, as well as infrastructure projects, such as seeding for motorway banking.

The trading headquarters of Dyacare are based in the UK. The company owns 100% its seaweed production facility in the Republic of Ireland, and has trading and distribution in China under Dyacare Biotech (Shanghai).

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