Haifa Group signs MOU with AgrIOT


Haifa Group has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for investment in AgrIOT, a company that develops technology that monitors nutrient deficiencies via smartphone and provides recommendations for treating agricultural crops.

The technology developed by AgrIOT integrates science and technology, and enables the identification of nutrient deficiencies in the three main nutrients essential to plant health (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium). AgrIOT technology will contribute to reducing future costs for farmers, while making the identification process more effective and precise and allowing for frequent monitoring of development, Haifa said in its statement.

The technology is based on machine learning principles and manages to diagnose the precise shortfall in nutrient uptake on the basis of a simple photograph that can be taken on any smartphone.

According to Assaf Sufa, AgrIOT co-founder, the connection with Haifa Group makes make precision agriculture accessible to every farmer in a simple, straightforward way – one that is easy to operate without being dependent on hardware, infrastructures or dedicated instruments.

“Collaboration with Haifa Group will enable AgrIOT to advance to the next phase, which includes expansion of the range of crops that can be calibrated and implementation of the technology on a variety of vertical platforms (drones, planes and satellites), which will directly affect the area of farmland that can be treated,” said Sufa.

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