FBSciences’ FBS Transit technology registered


 FBSciences achieved registration of its proprietary biostimulant technology, FBS Transit, under the REACH regulation of the European Union.

FBS Transit is a nutrient use efficiency technology that promotes the uptake and translocation of nutrients in the plant. This enhanced efficiency leads to many health benefits including accelerated germination, seedling establishment and plant to plant uniformity. It increases the numbers, length and total surface area of roots and increases chlorophyll production. It improves tolerance to and recover from abiotic stress conditions such as drought, heat, salt and cold. It increases yields both quantity and quality.

“We have been testing our FBS Transit technology with strategic partners in Europe and the results are showing the power of our FBS Transit technology to transform agriculture with chemistries that are safe, renewable and sustainable,” said Courtenay Wolfe, Chairman and CEO of FBSciences.

Two other technologies manufactured by FBSciences – FBS Defense and FBS Gold – are currently underway. FBS Defense is a biopesticide technology and FBS Gold is a biostimulant technology for hydroponic applications. Both have passed the inquiry phase of REACH and registration dossiers are being prepared.

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