InnovaFeed and Italpollina partner to develop fertilizers and biostimulants


InnovaFeed and Italpollina have entered into a partnership to develop and commercialize organic fertilizers and biostimulants from insect ingredients.

Italpollina InnovaFeedThe partnership will combine a joint R&D program, and the launch of a 100 percent natural fertilizer, jointly developed from insect frass produced by InnovaFeed at its Nesle plant in Somme, France, and future sites.

InnovaFeed repurposes co-products of local agro-industries, into a high value source of feed for their insect larvae. These larvae are then harvested to produce ingredients for farming, and their dejections used to produce an organic fertilizer with a high nutrient value, stable organic matter and balance of essential primary elements (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium).

Performance has been validated across major crop groups (cereals and vegetables) through large-scale testing with major players. The product will be marketed in the second half of 2020.

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