Grupo Agrotecnología opens a new subsidiary in Colombia


Grupo Agrotecnología, has opened a new subsidiary in Colombia, part of its international expansion strategy, reinforcing and strengthening its presence in this Central and South America where it has other operations in Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Peru.

Imagen Colombia1The opening of these new subsidiaries arises from the need to meet the increase in demand by these Latin American countries, at the forefront of achieving sustainable agriculture with a comprehensive approach, according to the company.

In coming years, the company hopes to open new international markets in the United States, Argentina, Poland, Germany and Italy.

“We are immersed in a process of international expansion; our strategies and projects are framed in strengthening and consolidating the presence of our company as pioneers in the sector of biostimulants, biopesticides and biofertilizers as well as our zero waste products,” says Enrique Riquelme, CEO of Grupo Agrotecnología. “Our true engine and backbone is the permanent commitment to R&D; this challenge needs perseverance, investment and work, as well as an attitude committed to the environment, biodiversity and sustainable agriculture.”

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