Campbell Scientific offers new EE181 temperature and humidity probe and releases CR300-series dataloggers


LOGAN, UTAH--Campbell Scientific, a manufacturer of research-grade measurement instruments for over 42 years, is now offering the accurate, rugged EE181 air-temperature and relative-humidity (RH) probe. It is ideal for low-power, unattended applications requiring outstanding long-term stability and reliability.

The EE181 features a steel-mesh filter and a proprietary coating on the RH element, which increases the life of the element and protects it from dirt, dust, salt, or other contaminants. Excellent results from ongoing field testing worldwide confirm this research-grade instrument is ready for deployment in the harshest environments. The EE181 is compatible with all Campbell Scientific dataloggers, including the new CR300 series.

At the same time Campbell Scientific is releasing an innovative new line of data-acquisition products: the CR300-series measurement and control dataloggers. The CR300 dataloggers have many of the best capabilities of full-size Campbell Scientific dataloggers, with the smaller size and price of Campbell’s compact dataloggers.

Kevin Rhodes, former product manager for the CR300) said, “A nice part about the CR300 is that, from a user’s skill-level standpoint, it is not so different from our other dataloggers, so the learning curve is very small. Integrators can capitalize on their knowledge of CRBasic and our other popular dataloggers for use with this lower-cost datalogger.”

The CR300 datalogger was developed based on customer feedback, especially from customers who embed Campbell Scientific dataloggers in their own products. It is a step up from Campbell’s earlier low-cost, compact dataloggers because of its much richer CRBasic command set and serial communication capabilities, and its capacity for larger, more complex programs. The CR300 also has its own onboard compiler that can handle large, complex programs.

The CR310 is the newest addition to the CR300 series and has the same capabilities of the CR300 datalogger, with the addition of removable connectors and an integrated 10/100 Ethernet connection.