Manna and Pessl partner to streamline irrigation


Manna and Pessl Instruments are collaborating to introduce the first virtual station-based irrigation scheduling solution. The partnership will be a system integration offering that will bring more robust, personalized and accurate irrigation recommendations to growers, powered by their local weather data.

Pessl Instruments customers will be able to leverage their existing source of Pessl Instruments-generated weather data to be used for irrigation scheduling with Manna, without the need to manage any additional hardware. Users of iMETOS Weather service will be able to seamlessly connect their account to their Manna Irrigation Intelligence service, enabling Manna's recommendations to be based on ET0, rain and other parameters monitored in the farm.

"Growers already using Manna's software and Pessl Instruments solutions are awaiting our joint system integration offering, and will be able to incorporate it seamlessly into their existing system, enabling both companies to offer bundled solutions," said Manna CEO Eyal Mor.

According to Gottfried Pessl, founder and CEO of Pessl Instruments, the interface with Manna will bring the two companies joint clients new opportunities to use the best from both end – IOT from Pessl and AI from Manna to optimize the resources usage on farms. "The Covid-19 crisis has shown us how fundamentally important food security is, and farmers can ensure the food supply and that they protect the environment at the same with smart technology,” said Pessl.




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