Certis USA’s Homeplate approved in California


Registration approval of the non-selective herbicide Homeplate by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (CDPR) unlocks a new option for growers in the 2020 growing season, Certis USA officials say.

Utilizing a blend of active ingredients including caprylic acid and capric acid, Homeplate is fast acting on plant leaves and shutting down photosynthesis. Low re-entry intervals (REI) and zero-day pre-harvest interval mean that growers can control weeds that threaten their crops right up to the day of harvest.

“We are excited to now have Homeplate available in California to deliver control of troublesome weeds in grower fields and orchards,” says Mike Allan, Certis vice-president, North America. “California growers now have a reliable broad-spectrum herbicide alternative that effectively saves time and reduces labor costs from hand weeding in their fields and sucker removal in orchards and vineyards.”

As an OMRI Listed and NOP-compliant product, Homeplate is flexible enough to be used on organic and conventional acreage to control a variety of weeds. Its non-systemic formulation has proven efficacy against broadleaf weeds and grasses, including black nightshade, Canada thistle, catchweed bedstraw, chickweed, common lamb’s quarter, foxtail, mallow, shepherd’s purse and wild chamomile.

Homeplate was granted U.S. EPA approval for use in all crops in February 2019 and has been adopted by many growers in states across the U.S. with great success.

“In its first year, Homeplate has proven to deliver reliable performance in burndown, direct and shielded sprays, pre-plant applications, post-harvest sprays, as a harvest aid and for sucker control, and as a pruning and trimming aid,” says Jeremy Adamson, Certis product manager. “Growers trust Homeplate as a single solution to a myriad of weeds that threaten the health of their crops.”




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