New biostimulant seed treatments from Bayer


Bayer has introduced new biostimulant seed treatments JumpStart WT and ProStablish WT in the UK market to help growers increase cereal yields by improving nutrient and water uptake through better rooting.

The products come as Bayer, through its collaboration with Novozymes, has been researching ways of helping crops establish a more effective rooting system using biostimulant seed treatments.

One area of key interest is how to improve phosphate availability. The active ingredient of JumpStart WT is a naturally occurring soil fungus, Penicillium bilaiae, which produces organic compounds that break the bonds between phosphates and the cations, so phosphate can be taken up by the plant. Meanwhile, ProStablish WT stimulates mycorrhizae and root development. ProStablish WT is co-applied with JumpStart and a single purpose seed treatment.

According to Claire Matthewman, Bayer UK campaign manager for seed treatments, ProStablish WT is a messenger or signal compound, which stimulates mycorrhizae fungi to germinate and colonize roots. In trials across Europe, Matthewman said results have revealed a three percent yield improvement from the ProStablish WT and JumpStart WT co-application with a single purpose seed treatment (SPD) over the SPD alone. Both products will be available for application this autumn through Frontier.

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