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Wednesday 28th of August





: Adoption of Precision Farming in Brazil: present scenario and future challenges (

Leonardo Antolini, Client Relations, Kleffmann Group

Keynote: Diseases, Pests, Nematodes, Weeds – Innovations and Trends in Biocontrol (download .pdf)

Dr. Marcelo Morandi, Head at EMBRAPA Meio Ambiente


Sustainability through precision agriculture (download .pdf)

Thiago Romanelli, Professor, Department of Biosystem Engineering, ESALQ/USP

Keynote: Biocontrol Market in Brazil (download .pdf)

Mr. Marcelo Claudino, Business Intelligence Director, IEG | FNP


Use & Perceptions of Brazilian Farmers regarding Digital Tools (download .pdf)

Marcelo Claudino, Director of Business Intel, IEG

Keynote: Feedback from the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply

(download .pdf)

Dr. Mark Trimmer, Editor 2BMonthly/Managing Partner, DunhamTrimmer



Session continued

Session Biocontrol and IPM in LatAm


Digital Agriculture in large farm (download .pdf)

Vinicius Favoni , Analista de Agricultura Digital SLC Agricola

Biological Control as Part of the Integrated Strategy for Crop Pest Management in Latin America and the Caribbean (download .pdf)

Dr. Yelitza Colmenarez, Director, CABI Americas


Session: Connectivity



Keynote: How to solve the problem of connectivity between the different models and brands of agricultural machinery and the farmer management system 

José Alexandre Loyola, President - Brazil, AgGateway Latam

Farmer to Fork: Customized Co-Development of Biological Solutions in a Tropical Cropping System

Dr. Lieselot Van der Veken, Business Development Manager, Biobest Group


Case study in ag IoT (download .pdf)

Tony Gil, COO, AgriGis

Effect of CPST (Crop Protection Support Technology) Products as Biopesticides and as Enhancers of Traditional Chemistries (download .pdf)

Dr. Michael Canady, Technical Support Director, Cytozyme Laboratories



MIB – Manejo Inteligente Biopotente (download .pdf)

Mr. Robson Luz Costa, Manager, Market Development, Laboratorio Farroupilha/Lallemand



Bioprotection Challenges and Contributions to Achieve the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (download .pdf)

Mr. Nicolas Cock Duque, President, Bioprotection Global and External Affairs Manager, Ecoflora, A Gowan Group Company


Thursday, 29 August 2019


Info AG Brazil and Biocontrol LATAM


Session: Biocontrol Research & New Technology


Start Up Showcase: Using Technology to Revolutionize Decision Making and Enhance Sustainability (download .pdf)

Mr. Andrei Grespan, CEO, Tarvos


1901SC (Saccharomyces cerevisiae LAS 117 Yeast Cell Wall) – an Innovative Systemic Resistance Inducer Against Asian Soybean Rust

Mr. Eduardo Elias Oriani, Fungicides R&D Consultant, IHARA


Technical Benefits of Plant Extracts for Crop Disease Management: EcoSwing, an Example of Botanicals Technology Integration (download .pdf)

Mr. Raul Ruiz, Ecoflora, a Gowan Group Company


Zika Mosquito Management Using Botanicals (download .pdf)

Mr. Ketan Mehta, Founder & CEO, Ecosense Labs


Networking Break


Session Data collection and data decisions

Biocontrol research and new technology


Tech integration brings data to life for farmers (download .pdf)

Frank D'Emden, Product Manager, Decipher

Use of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens in the Control of Nematodes

Mr. Artur Soares, Researcher, Simbiose


Climate, winter season, and impact on agriculture overview 

María del Pilar Longar-Blanco, PhD in sciences (biology) National Polytechnic Institute

Biostimulant Effect of Biological Alternatives in the Yield of Pineapple (download .pdf)

Mr. Luis Diego D. Araya, Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica


Early within-season foliar diseases detection and yield prediction using Sentinel-2 satellite constellation imageries and machine learning technologies in biomass sorghum (download.pdf)

Ephrem Habyarimana, Chief Scientist, CREA Research Center for Cereal and Industrial Crops

Sclerotinia sclerotiorum Sclerotia Viability Reduction Potential by Bacillus methylotrophicus (download .pdf)

Dr. Edilaine Gelinski Grabicoski, Professor, State University Maringa


Session:  Using Precision Ag to improve ROI



Spatial profit mapping (download .pdf)

Mr. Jose Molin, Associate Professor, USP

Julietta® a Biofungicide Against Botrytis cinerea and Monilia spp

Mr. Frederic Lievens, Biocontrol Product Manager, Agrauxine Lesaffre Plant Care


Session Production & Formulation of Biocontrols


How to improve prescription maps for precision agriculture practices

Lucas Amaral, FEAGRI - Faculdade de Engenharia Agrícola/Unicamp *

Keynote: Evaluation of Potential of Nanostructured Systems for Pest Control in Agriculture. (download .pdf)

Professor Leonardo Fraceto, Institute of Science and Technology of Sorocaba, USP


Friends, not Foes: ADAPT and ISOXML Provide Comprehensive Data Interoperability (download .pdf)

Dan Danford, Global Industry Relations Manager, CNH Industrial/AgGateway

Stability Studies in the Design of Biological Control Agent Formulations (download .pdf)

Dr. Martha Gomez, BioProducts Department Manager, AGROSAVIA


Presentation from Geoysis

Paulo Mateus Alves, Director of Sales, Geosys

Smart Bacillus Based Formulations: Successful Solutions Against Fungal Diseases Affecting Row and Cash Crops

Dr. Noemi Herrero, R&D Manager, Grupo Agrotecnología


ABPSAP Certification Program for Precision Agriculture Service Companies (download .pdf)

Mr. Fernando Lopes, Director, Instituto Totum

New Biological Carrier Platform (download .pdf)

Dr. Shalaka Shinde, Senior Scientist, Oil-Dri Corporation of America


A proximal soil-sensing platform for effective soil nutrient and irrigation management in precision farming

Ronaldo Pereira de Oliveira, Reseacher


The Careful Selection of Yeast Extracts is Key to Promote Growth, Spores and Crystal Proteins Formation for Bacillus thuringiensis Commercial Manufacturing

Dr. Alain Sourabié, Science, Technical & Innovation Director, Proceslys – Lesaffre Group


Soil mapping by apparent electrical conductivity and X-ray fluorescence spectrometry

Alberto Bernardi, Researcher, Embrapa

Adjustment of the Viral Propagation System of a Granulovirus of Erinnyis ello (VG010) at Pilot Plant Scale (download .pdf)

Dr. Paola Cuartas, Bioproducts Department Researcher, AGROSAVIA


Smart Irrigation Scheduling - FieldNET Advisor Saves Water and Energy while Increasing Yields (download .pdf)

Kurtis Charling, FieldNET Business solutions, Lindsay

Production, Downstream Processing and Formulation of Microbial Biocontrol Agents and Nematodes (download .pdf)

Dr. Ralf-Udo Ehlers, Managing Director, e-nema GmbH,


 NPKCaMg-Fertilization, Naturaé Rain and Crop Yield Models

Laszlo Marton, Researcher Professor, HAS 

The Complexity of Quality Assurance in Macro and Micro Biologicals Production (download .pdf)

Mr. Danilo Pedrazzoli, Industrial Director, Koppert Brasil


Session: Regulatory Landscape


Keynote Panel Discussion: Emerging Regulatory Issues for Biopesticides in Latin America

Moderator: Ms. Maria Luiza M.P. Castro, Co-Founder, CESIS

Panel Members:

Mr. Norberto Arias, Director, Agrochem Consultores (download .pdf)

Mr. Hideraldo Coelho, Program Coordinator & Federal Agricultural Inspector, MAPA (download .pdf)

Ms. Blanca Sierra, Regulatory Affairs Director & Founder, GLP Estrategias Avanzadas (download .pdf)


Friday, 30 August 2019


InfoAg International

Biocontrol Latam


Session: Training of Farmers

Session Regulatory Session Continued


How YOU are affected by Digital Agriculture

Vera Arrabal, CEO, AGRODATA Smart Solutions

Keynote Panel Discussion: Biological Products Labelling, Efficacy & Assessment in Brazil

Moderator: Ms. Daniela Maia, Registration Manager, Vigna Brasil (download .pdf)

Panel Members:

Jucemary Araújo ANVISA – GHS Implementation and Microbiological Product Labels (download .pdf)

Mr. Bruno Cavalheiro Breitenback, Auditor Fiscal Federal Agropecuário, MAPA (download .pdf)

Mr. Danilo, Danilo Lourenço de Sousa, Coordination of Environmental Control of Hazardous Substances and Products, IBAMA (download .pdf)


How to have positioning accuracy on precision AG systems

Renato Brant, Continental Sales Manager, Trimble LATAM


Session Biocontrol and Precision Farming chaired by Marco Toapanta ,Global Director - Science and Technology, Agrithority


Precision Agriculture - a Must for Biocontrol


Session Innovative Application Technology & Public Health Uses


Early Crop Nutritional Program & Pest Management to Maximize Performance & Yield

Marco Toapanta ,Global Director - Science and Technology, Agrithority

AMR (Antimethanogenic Reagents) Natural Product Pesticide Technology to Control Xylophages (download .pdf)

Michael Scalzi, Environmental Intellectual Properties


Keynote: Using Drones for Precision Aerial Application of Biodefensives: Global Impact (download .pdf)

Mr. Fernando Garcia Nicodemos, CEO & Founder, NCB Sistemas Embarcados



Transitioning Biocontrol Strategies from Traditional to Precision Agriculture (download .pdf)

Amit Vasavada,Sr. Vice President of R&D and Chief Technology Officer, Marrone Bio Innovations




Session: Nutrient Management

Session: Biocontrol Agents & Mass Trapping


Keynote: Exploratory analysis of agronomic information from a soil fertility database in Brazilian Cerrado: from data to recommendation (download .pdf)

Vinicius de Melo Benites, Chief of Development, Embrapa Solos

Mass Trapping for the Control of the South American Fruit Fly in Table Grape Vineyards (download .pdf)

Dr. Marcos Botton, Engineer, EMBRAPA


Removing the moisture effect in soil organic matter determination using NIR spectroscopy and PLSR with external parameter orthogonalization

Andre Marcelo de souza, Researcher, Embrapa

ABS in the Professional Biocontrol Industry (download .pdf)

Dr. Evert Hamblok, Manager Regulatory Affairs, Koppert Biological Systems


Session: Robotics



Automated Processing Tool for Precision Agriculture:Case Study of ABC Foundation

Dr. Fabrício P. Povh, Bel. Informática, Yaroslau Miguel Kuzicz, Fundação ABC – Castro-PR

Augmentative Releases of Endogenous Parasitoids for Biological Control of Millet Insect Pests in the Sahel (download .pdf)

Dr. Malick Ba, Principal Entomologist, International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics



Closing Keynote: Sustainable Cotton Production and Biological Control – Application and Expectations (download .pdf)

Dr. Jacob Crosariol Netto, Ph.D., Entomologist, IMA/ABRAPA