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InfoAg International Conference & Exhibition

* Monday 25th March


14:15 KEYNOTE SPEAKER: The adoption and state of play of Precision Agriculture in Europe
James Lowenberg-DeBoer, Professor, Harper Adams University, UK
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15:45 Getting value from artificial intelligence in agriculture
Matthew Smith, Scientific Officer, Microsoft, UK
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16:15 Agronomics: Transforming Knowledge Generation and Exchange in Agriculture
Daniel Kindred, Head of Agronomics, ADAS, UK
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SESSION 1 - Automation

16:45 Hands Free Hectare: what was achieved, what was learned and what are the implications?
Kit Franklin, Agricultural Engineering Senior Lecturer, Harper Adams University, UK
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SESSION 2 - Precise Irrigation Management

17:15 Irrigation optimization leveraging machine learning to improve water use efficiency in high value specialty crops
Olivier Jerphagnon, Founder and CEO, PowWow Energy, USA
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17:45 The Next Revolution In Agriculture – Growing Much More, With Much Less
Izhar Gilad, Head of Commercial & Business Development, Netafim, Israel
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* Tuesday 26th March

SESSION 3 - Data Collection and Data Decisions 

09:00 From Sensors to Solutions: Creating value with IoT in Agriculture
Michael Gomes, Vice President of Business Development IoT, Topcon Agriculture, Italy
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09:30 Gaining farming insights from Satellites
Antoine Bilot, Airbus
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11:00 Get ROI in one crop cycle - how smart soil moisture data helps farmers grow more, with less
Bas van der Velden, Commercial Director, Sensoterra, The Netherlands
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11:30 Drone Imagery for phenotyping analysis
Lenaic Grignard, Agriculture and Forestry Product Manager, Delair
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12:00 Pix4Dfields, unlocking the potential of spatial data in agriculture
Samuel Eglington, Program Manager, Agriculture, Pix4D, Germany
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SESSION 4 - Variable Rate Applications

13:45 KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Adoption of Precision Farming Applications in Arable Crops and Pastures in the Netherlands
Corne Kempenaar, Senior Research Scientist, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
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SESSION 5 - Precise Nutrient Management

14:15 The benefits of digital solutions in nutrient management
Camilla Nilsson, Digital Farming CFO, YARA
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14:45 Nitrogen Use efficiency benefits form Variable Rate Nitrogen Application
Simon Griffin, Technical Manager, SOYL, UK
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15:05 Soil Mapping, VRA Advices, software for farmers
Alexandre Weil, Co-founder, Precifield, France
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16:15 From ‘intensive’ to ‘intelligent’: How data and digital agriculture changes farming
Simon Beck, Group Head of Digital, Origin
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SESSION 6 - Regulation with Digital Farming

16:45 Easy farm management that automates documentation to fulfill regulatory compliance
Patrick Honcoop, Head of Product Partnerships, 365FarmNet, Germany
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17:45 Potential for precision agriculture techniques to manage nitrogen inputs to cereal crops under high yielding conditions within legislative constraints
Richie Hackett, Research Officer, Teagasc, Republic of Ireland
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* Wednesday 27th March

SESSION 7 - Data Connectivity

09:00 KEYNOTE SESSION: Leveraging Global IoT Connectivity for Cost-effective Smart Agriculture as a service understanding the concerns of farmers with connectivity
Elie Aad, Head of IOT Vertical Product Development, Nokia Global
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09:30 Digital Agriculture Gets Wings – how we can bring data into insights for farmers
Gottfried Pessl, CEO, Pessl
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10:00 Integrated management of ag machinery with an open data platform
Hans Juergen, Partnering Manager, ISG Kaiserslautern, John Deere
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11:00 CASE STUDY: Field Data Analysing for Optimum Yield Results
José A. Martínez-Casasnovas, Alexandre Escolà, Jaume Arnó Research Group in AgroICT & Precision Agriculture (GRAP), University of Lleida – Agrotecnio Center, Spain
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11:30 Connecting devices to make informed decisions to transform farming with evidence and build a business case for Precision Agriculture
Clive Blacker, Map of Agriculture, Precision Decisions
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