IFA / New Ag International Conference on Slow- and Controlled-Release and Stabilized Fertilizers Presentations

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IFA / New Ag International Conference on Slow- and Controlled-Release and Stabilized Fertilizers (SCRSFs)

* Monday 25th March


14:45 KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Understanding plant’s requirements; a prerequisite for reverse engineering
Achim Dobermann, Chief Executive, Rothamsted Research, UK
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15:15 KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Multiphase tracking of N-speciation dynamics in greenhouse and laboratory experiments to improve evaluation and management of enhanced efficiency N-fertilization
Avi Shaviv, Professor, Technion-IIT, Israel
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SESSION 1 - The SCRSF Market

16:15 KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: Assessment of the global and regional markets for SRFs, CRFs and SNFs
Olivier Dubourdieu, Senior Consultant, RAMS & Co, France
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16:45 Europe agriculture and fertilization: opportunities for SCRSFs
Tiffanie Stephani, Agriculture and Environment Manager, Fertilizers Europe, Belgium
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17:05 Use of stabilized and controlled-release fertilizers in Brazil (sugarcane)
Heitor Cantarella, Soil and Environment Resources Center - Research Director, Agronomic Institute of Campinas, Brazil
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17:25 Application of CRFs to perennial crops (sugarcane, oil palm, forestry…)
Ronald Clemens, Global Product Manager CRF, ICL Specialty Fertilizers, The Netherlands
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* Tuesday 26th March

SESSION 2 - Technology Trends for SCRSFs 

09:00 ThyssenKrupp’s experience in development of urea-based SCRSF and their findings on biologically degradable polymers
Yevgeny Makhynya, Researcher, ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions, Germany
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09:20 Controlled release urea 2.0
Harold van der Zande, Senior Manager, Business Development, Stamicarbon, The Netherlands
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09:40 Floranid® Twin – Unique double N-technology
Tobias Fark, International Product Manager, COMPO EXPERT, Germany
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10:00 New fertilizer technologies to mitigate fertilizer nitrogen loss
Greg Schwab - Director of Agronomy, Koch Agronomic Services, USA
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11:00 Urease inhibitor stability on urea-based NP fertilizers
Maarten Staal, Team Leader, Application Laboratory, BASF, Germany
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11:20 New types of controlled-release fertilizers (CRF) and their performance in crop nutrition
Georg Ebert, R&D Director, Synergie, The Netherlands
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11:40 Multi-N-technology for urea: Association of urease inhibitor, organic polymer and micronutrients in urea granule
Douglas Ramos Guelfi Silva, Professor, Federal University of Lavras, Brazil
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12:00 Ammonia volatilization and maize yield as influenced by different fertilization managements using blends of controlled-release and NBPT-treated urea
Pedro Lopes Garcia, Researcher, CENA/USP, Brazil
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SESSION 3 - SCRSFs and Nutrient Management Performance

13:50 Controlled-Release Fertilizers proof their lower environmental impact in Agricultural crops
Hillel Magen, Vice President Agronomy, ICL Specialty Fertilizers, Israel
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14:10 Versatile and competitive Nitrogen stabilizers to improve nitrogen use efficiency and environmental stewardship
Krish Shanmuga, Global R&I Director -Fertilizers, Novecare, Agricultural Specialties, Solvay, USA
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14:30 Results of product Ciclus NK, slow-release nitrogen, apllied at productive coffee area
Maria Tais Buzzo Gomes, Quality Manager, Café Brasil Fertilizantes, Brazil
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14:50 Moving EEF technology forward - the novel nitrification inhibitor DMPSA increases nutrient use efficiency by reducing nutrient losses to the environment
Thomas Mannheim, Head of Global R & D and Advisory Premium Products, EuroChem, Germany
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15:10 Multicote Technology on Secondary and Micro elements- the 5th element of controlled release fertilizer
Gadi Shiftan, Marketing Manager for CRF, Biostimulants and Microelements, Haifa Group, Israel
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15:30 The role of SCRSFs within prescription nutrition as a means of increasing nutrient use efficiency
Peter Scott, Technical Director, Origin Fertilisers
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SESSION 4 - SCRSFs and Nutrient Management Performance

16:40 Utilizing urease inhibitors as a measure to reduce ammonia emissions and crop carbon intensity
Michael Basten - Senior Agronomist EMEA region, Koch Agronomic Services, Germany
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17:00 Evaluation of nitrification inhibitor N-Lock™ with Optinyte™ Technology effect on nitrogen management in the Po valley scenario: a case study
Matteo Ceruti, Customer Technical Specialist, Corteva Agriscience, USA
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17:20 Nitrogen stabilizers: give me five R!
Markus Schmid, Marketing Director, Soil Management, BASF, Germany
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* Wednesday 27th March

SESSION 5 - SCRSFs and Nutrient Management Performance

09:00 Challenges and opportunities for fertiliser technologies and their adoption: Ireland Case study – what have we learned?
Patrick Forrestal, Reseach officer - Soil Science & Agronomy, Teagasc, Ireland
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09:20 On-farm implementation: knowledge to drive adoption
Lara Moody, Vice President, The Fertilizer Institute, USA
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09:40 On-farm implementation: looking beyond the purchase price
Sally Flis, Director of Agronomy, The Fertilizer Institute, USA
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SESSION 6 - Policy and Regulatory Issues Related to SCRSFs

10:40 KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: What place for SCRSFs in addressing the global N challenge
Timothy D. Searchinger, Research Scholar at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Princeton University, USA
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11:10 Stabilised fertilizers and Codex constraints
Richard Christie, Group Manager - Development, Ravensdown, New Zealand
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11:30 The Nitrous oxide Emission Reductions Protocol – a Canadian innovation
Clyde Graham, Executive Vice President, Fertilizer Canada, Canada
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