17th New Ag International Conference & Exhibition Presentations

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* Wednesday 27th March


14:40 KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Agriculture in the UK and Republic of Ireland - current trends and High-Tech developments
Luke Hutson, Chief Editor, New Ag International, UK
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15:10 KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Greenhouse technology trends in Europe
JC (Sjaak) Bakker, Business Unit Manager, University of Wageningen, The Netherlands
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15:40 Current market and future trends in Europe for fertilizer specialties
Kevin Moran, Honorary CTO, Kingenta Intl, China
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16:45 KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Foliar nutrition: myths and realities
Thomas Eichert, Professor, University of Applied Sciences (Erfurt), Germany
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17:15 KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Measuring farm sustainability
Michael Curran, Senior Scientist, FiBL, Switzerland
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* Thursday 28th March


09:00 KEYNOTE SPEAKER: Improved Prediction of Nitrogen Mineralization Rates by Fluorescence Spectroscopy
Avi Shaviv, Professor, Technion-TII, Israel
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09:30 A new way of thinking foliar application of Nutrients
Camilla De Carvalho Braga Levy, R&D Agronomical Manager,TradeCorp, Spain
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09:50 Development of a “one part” hydroponic fertilizer
Russell Sharp, Founder / Technical Director, Plater Bio, UK
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10:10 Effectiveness of foliar application of zinc fertilizers
Adam Nawrocki, Owner, Adob, Poland
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11:20 The use of precision soil and yield data to determine nutrient norms for fertilization and liming in Mkushi, Zambia
Andrew Beckerling, Director of Agronomy, Pepperfresh, South Africa
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11:40 NutriNet™: A Plant Nutrition Expert System
Gad Shahar, Chief Agronomist & Knowledge Manager, Haifa Group, Israel
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12:20 Refining new functions from minerals. Manipulating calcium carbonate to perform as a soil conditioner, nutrition agent and/ or plant health promotor in crop production
Katharina Koelling, Head of Innovation and Technical Marketing, Omya, Switzerland
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12:40 New fertilizer technology for higher nutrient use efficiency
Dan Froehlich, Vice President of Development, Anuvia Plant Nutrients,USA
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14:20 Screening for biostimulants effect on yield and drought tolerance using aninnovative highthroughput physiologicalfunctionalphenotyping system
Menachem Moshelion, Researcher, The Hebrew University ofJerusalem, Israel
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14:40 Properties and effects of nitrification inhibitors and stabilized fertilizers in combination with biostimulants
Lu Yin-Bandur, Head of Project Management R&D, Synergie, Germany
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15:20 Vegetal-derived biostimulants enhance nutrientuptake and use efficiency of vegetable crops
Giuseppe Colla, Department of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences,University of Tuscia, Italy
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16:20 Expanding on biostimulants for farm productivity: Towards an integrated soil, crop and animal productivity approach combining microbial products
Martin Soust, Director, Research & Development, Terragen Biotech, Australia
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16:40 The electrical nature of humic substances and its possible role in plant biostimulation
Richard Lamar, Senior Research Scientist, Independent Researcher, USA
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17:00 Gene activity measurements as an easy and rapid tool in precision agriculture
Frank Hoeberichts, Chief Technology Officer, NSURE, The Netherlands
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17:20 Coexistence of EU and national rules for plant biostimulants
Dr. Irene McGrath, Managing Director, Kerona Scientific Ltd., Ireland
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* Friday 29th March


09:20 Agrho® S-Boost, a plant based macromolecule to strengthen root development
Thierry Vidal, Business Development Manager, Solvay, France
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09:40 Biostimulants: a key input for Integrated Crop Management practices
Ry Wagner, President, International AgriBusiness, AlgaEnergy S.A., USA
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11:00 Effect of LEILI Alga600 biostimulant series products on the quality and yield of European field crops
Sally Zhao, Director of Overseas Business, Leili Marine Bioindustry, China
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11:20 Super Fifty® an innovative technology to reduce crop losses due to abiotic stresses via molecular priming
John T. O’Sullivan, Owner and CEO, BioAtlantis, Ireland
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12:00 The new EU regulatory framework for biostimulants and fertilizers and its impact on innovation
José Carvalho, Head of Business Development Crop Protection, Knoell, Germany
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