Agribusinesses must navigate an increasingly complex environment. But rapid changes can create new possibilities for companies that recognise opportunities, innovate, and evolve strategies quickly.
This programme provides a broad picture of the interaction taking place between High Tech Agricultural sectors and shows how Traditional Agricultural practices are changing.
New Ag International is deeply involved as the emerging industry aggregator and leading knowledge disseminator in 6  SECTORS:

  • Plant Nutrition
  • Biostimulants
  • Biological Plant Protection
  • Irrigation/Fertigation
  • Greenhouse Cropping
  • Precision Agriculture

Based on our 17 years’ experience, expertise and feedback from the 1st edition in 2017 and our vast network of contacts, including: academia, industry, policy makers and consultants, across all circles in these sectors, we have redesigned an 8-day programme to better prepare decision makers to contribute to the value creation of their respective enterprises

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During 8 working days (with a weekend in the middle to relax and network with other participants) across 3 European countries, the programme highlights agronomical dimension and market dynamics (Size, main players, leading products and services, driving regulations...).

Participants will arrive on Sunday evening and transfer to the hotel that will serve as meeting point. The programme will start on Monday morning and finish on Wednesday midday the week following.

  • MODULE 1: Biocontrol and
    Greenhouse cropping – Netherlands
    2.5 days
    (Monday /Tuesday/Wednesday morning)
  • MODULE 2: Biostimulants and
    specialty plant nutrition – Italy
    2 days
  • MODULE 3: Irrigation/Fertigation
    0.5 day
    (Monday morning)
  • MODULE 4: Precision 
    Agriculture – Spain
    1.5 days
    (Monday afternoon/Tuesday)
  • MODULE 5: Business case and
    conclusions – Spain
    0.5 day
    (Wednesday morning)



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  • Promo Photos Mark Fineman 243
    Mark Fineman Executive Coach
    and Group Facilitator (UK)
  • img1 team mmbr
    Eric Seban Head of Marketing and
    Projects - Ag Division,
    InVivo Group (France)
  • Mark web
    Mark Trimmer Managing Partner of DunhamTrimmer LLC, 2BMonthly Editor and Board Member of BPIA (USA)
  • img1 team mmbr
    Dr. Jürgen Kohl Senior Scientist, Plant Pathology
    Wageningen University & Research
  • Gerber
    Dr. Gerben Messelink Senior Research
    Entomologist, Wageningen University & Research (Netherlands)
  • Photo Schmitt web
    Dr. Annegret Schmitt Senior Scientist Natural 
    Substances, Julius Kühn-Institut (Germany)
  • img1 team mmbr
    Dr. J.C. Bakker Manager Business Unit,
    Greenhouse Technology,
    Wageningen University
    & Research (Netherlands)
  • img1 team mmbr
    Patrick Brown Professor of Plant Sciences,
    University of California Davis (USA)
  • Fred Bosch
    Fred Bosch  MD & Partner Bion International BV (Netherlands)
  • img1 team mmbr
    Pierdomenico Perata Rector & Professor of Plant
    Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Pisa,
  • img1 team mmbr
    Kristen Sukalac Consulting Partner,
    Prospero & Partners
  • Eran Barak221x221
    Eran Barak Global Expert in Innovative
    Plant Nutrition (Israel)
  • img1 team mmbr
    Dr José A. Martinez- Casasnovas Professor, Department of
    Environment and Soil Science
    Research Group in Agro ICT &
    Precision Agriculture, University of
    Lleida/Agrotecnio Center (Spain)
  • img1 team mmbr
    Dr Alexandre Escolà eqv. Associate Professor, Department of
    Agricultural and Forest Engineering,
    Research Group in Agro ICT & Precision
    Agriculture, University of Lleida/
    Agrotecnio Center (Spain)
  • img1 team mmbr
    Dr Francisco Garcia-Ruiz, Business Development and Precision
    Agriculture Consultant (Spain)
  • img1 team mmbr
    Matija Zulj Founder & CEO at Agrivi





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