Planet Farms in Italy suffers fire

January 22, 2024

Planet Farmsvertical farm in Cavenago di Brianza (a municipality located on the outskirts of Milan) suffered a huge fire earlier today.

According to local newspaper Prima Monza, fire alarms were activated at about 5:45 a.m. when smoke was detected in the 10,000m2 facility.

VerticalFarmDaily reported the origin of the fire was linked to failing machinery, according to Vito Cristino, commander of the Monza fire brigade. It’s thought the fire started in the growing room, which comprises a large number of insulation panels that are difficult to extinguish. No one was hurt in the fire.

Founded by Daniele Benatoff and Luca Travaglini in 2017, Planet Farms’ facility opened its doors in October 2021. The vertical farm and research facility produces arugula, baby leaf lettuce, three salad mixes and basil.

In November 2023, Planet Farms raised $40 million to expand in Italy and in the UK.

Communication from Planet Farms stated that despite this morning’s incident, the company’s growth and development program continues with the construction of a next-generation plant in Cirimido, the progress of which is already at an advanced stage, and will be twice the size of the one in Cavenago.

“It is precisely in Cirimido that we will focus our efforts to accelerate the implementation of the project and to ensure the least possible inconvenience to our customers,” stated communication from Planet Farms to VerticalFarmDaily.

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