Yara Launches YaraAmplix to Improve Nutrient Use Efficiency

December 7, 2023

In response to farmers asking for solutions to increase crop resilience and nutrient use efficiency, Yara recently announced the launch of YaraAmplix, a new brand of biostimulants, at the Biostimulant World Congress (BSWC) in Milan, Italy.

In the last five years, Yara has developed a product portfolio of biostimulants, with each one based on a unique formulation. These products will now become part of YaraAmplix, with several new products in the pipeline for 2024.

The portfolio is formulated with mostly natural ingredients such as seaweed and plant extracts. These formulations are intended to be used on different crops in multiple regions, addressing specific challenges.

Yara’s ambition is to grow a nature-positive food future, according to Rejane Souza, SVP Global Innovation, Yara International. During a presentation at BSWC, Souza said Yara has “a clear ambition for our company which is to stand by the side of the farmers, to grow a nature positive food future. We know that this is a very strong statement, but we do believe that this is the right thing to do.

“Companies have to make that change for the future. Sustainability is not an option, it’s the only way forward, and we do believe in that,” said Souza. “In order to make sure that this change is going to happen, we have some steps that we have to take. We have to rethink agriculture from a regenerative perspective. We have to help farmers to prosper. At the end of the day, those are the people that we have to stand for.”

Yara is conducting scientific and independent trials on biostimulants in all regions to evaluate and validate their effects in various conditions and crops. A dataset of 359 data points from 2018 to 2020 shows an average yield increase of 7.5 percent with a win rate of 74 percent over control treatment.

“What is unique about YaraAmplix is the combination, is the expertise Yara has developed in terms of formulation, is the knowledge about physiology, and is the knowledge about agronomy and crop nutrition, which is very unique,” noted Souza.

“We do believe that taking this regenerative agriculture approach is the right thing to do. And in this contect YaraAmplix is one integral part of the solution for us,” she added. “It is a perfect fit with the crop nutrition program. It is extremely important from a holistic approach perspective, and it’s based on science. So we are very sure of what we are offering to farmers.”

A complement to Yara’s fertilizer portfolio, YaraAmplix will begin commercial rollout in China, Brazil and France during the end of 2023, and will gradually be rolled out to the rest of the world in 2024.

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