Lucent Bio expands to U.S., EU, LATAM

March 13, 2024

Canada-based Lucent BioSciences is expanding into the U.S., EU and Brazil.

In a news release, the company stated it aims to deliver its micronutrient fertilizer solution, Soileos, to farmers in the U.S. Midwest, for use on crops including corn, soybean and wheat.

Simultaneously, Lucent Bio is engaging in strategic initiatives in Latin America, collaborating with agri-food industry members and with the Brazilian agricultural research corporation Embrapa to support agricultural practices and agri-food systems throughout Brazil.

In the EU, Lucent Bio has started partnerships with several agriculture distributors, crop input providers and food processing companies to get product manufacturing operational, serving the EU market.

“At Lucent Bio, collaboration is key to driving meaningful change in agriculture,” says Michael Riedijk, founder and CEO of Lucent BioSciences. “As part of its growth strategy, Lucent Bio is dedicated to fostering partnerships that drive innovation and sustainability in agri-food systems. By joining forces with industry leaders and local experts, Lucent Bio aims to leverage collective expertise and resources as we address pressing challenges and seize opportunities in diverse agri-food systems globally.”

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