Tec-Fort obtains phytosanitary registration in Peru

December 6, 2023

Rovensa Next, Rovensa Group’s global business unit dedicated to biosolutions, announces the launch of Tec-Fort in Peru, the first pyrethrin-based bioinsecticide to be registered in the country.

Tec-Fort is a 100 percent organic, broad-spectrum bioinsecticide made from natural pyrethrins. It has a 2.25 percent concentration of pyrethrins obtained from the flowers of Tanacetum cinerariifolium sin. Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium Vis., better known as Dalmatian pyrethrum or chrysanthemum.

In a news release, Rovensa Next states that Promicell Technology protects the pyrethrins in Tec-Fort from environmental degradation, prolonging their use and effectiveness in the field. This technology is based on a comprehensive selection of pyrethrins aimed at optimizing the product’s formulation.

In turn, the pyrethrins are combined with various antioxidants, adjuvants and other natural co-formulants to produce a highly stable concentrate. In addition, the pyrethrins are self-encapsulated inside lipidic capsules called micelles. The micelles form when the concentrated product is mixed with the amount of water required for its correct application in the field. The micelles protect the pyrethrins from rapid degradation by ultraviolet rays, as they are able to refract them and prevent their impact. As a result, notes Rovensa Next, Tec-Fort has a greater wetting capacity, reaching a larger surface area per application.

Tec-Fort acts by contact and ingestion, so the micelle is biocompatible with the insect and breaks down when it comes into contact with its exoskeleton. Once inside the insect, the pyrethrin acts on its central nervous system, causing alterations in the transmission of nerve impulses, leading to its death.

In short, Tec-Fort offers a unique formula based on 100 percent natural pyrethrins that effectively controls thrips, whiteflies and budworm. Tec-Fort can be applied at any time of the day as it is not photosensitive. In addition, it is a residue-free product that does not generate resistance or phytotoxicity.

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