Rovensa Next and Limaru NV enter agreement for development, distribution of Orange Oil for biocide applications

June 18, 2024

Rovensa Next is collaborating with with Limaru in developing, registering and marketing pest control solutions based on Orange Oil for the EU-27 and Great Britain biocide industry.

Rovensa Next’s Orange Oil is derived from Citrus sinensis peels through a cold-press process starting from freshly harvested oranges. Originally developed by Oro Agri, a Rovensa Next founding member, the technology was refined through extensive research over the past two decades, resulting in various patented formulations and applications primarily catering the needs of the agricultural sector.

Limaru plans to incorporate Rovensa Next’s Orange Oil in product formulations for insect pest management that will initially target common pests such as mosquitoes, houseflies and crawling insects. Other applications for Orange Oil within the biocide markets are currently being explored.

Under the terms of the agreement, Rovensa Next will be supplying its Orange Oil to the EU-27 and Great Britain’s biocide markets, exclusively through Limaru.

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