Eden Research biofungicide label extension in Spain

June 24, 2024

Eden Research plc announced that its flagship biofungicide has received authorization for use in new crops and fungal pathogens in Spain.

Mevalone, marketed as Araw in Spain by Sipcam Iberia, Eden’s commercial partner in Spain, Portugal and several other countries, is now permitted for use against powdery mildew on 22 new crops, Botrytis cinerea on 20 new crops, rust disease on eight new crops, and Sclerotinia on four new crops. These new horticultural crops include a wide range of species such as avocados, kiwis, mangos, cherries, chickpeas, green beans, asparagus, leeks, and artichokes.

“This label extension represents a significant additional growth opportunity for us,” noted Sean Smith, chief executive officer of Eden Research. “It not only includes numerous new crops and diseases, but it also includes a number of high-value crops that are particularly disease prone.”

Araw was launched in Spain in 2016 to prevent Botrytis in grapes. Following the first label expansion in 2021, Araw has since been registered in a wide range of horticultural crops and berries, including blueberry, tomato, cucumber, and lettuce.

Eden Research stated that thanks to this new authorization, all relevant horticultural crops in Spain can now be protected with Araw representing an excellent opportunity in several crops of growing importance, such as avocado, mango and almond, which has become the third largest tree crop in Spain after olives and grapes. Indeed, Spain boasts the largest cultivated area of almond trees in the world and ranks third in terms of overall production.

Eden anticipates that this growth of the addressable market for Araw will contribute to revenue in 2025 and beyond. Further details of this expansion will be provided in due course as commercialization commences.

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