De Sangosse Group acquires stake in ISCA Inc.

October 27, 2023

De Sangosse has acquired a strategic stake in ISCA Inc. Founded in 1996, ISCA Inc is headquartered in Riverside, California and has offices in Brazil and Costa Rica.

ISCA’s crop protection portfolio consists of products that use natural substances to alter insect behaviour. The company’s technologies harness the potential of biocommunicators to modify insect activities, such as enticing pollinators to specific crops, luring pests to traps and baits, interfering with specific mating behaviours, and repelling pests away from target plants.

Nicolas Fillon, CEO of De Sangosse Group, commented on the transaction: “Our dedication over the past 15 years has transformed us into a global agricultural tech entity. We prioritize sustainable agricultural production and biodiversity. With ISCA, we enrich our portfolio by introducing effective semiochemical-based pest management solutions. Our partnership with ISCA, known for its eco-friendly approach to minimizing conventional pesticide use, aligns with our vision of fostering a greener and healthier planet.”

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