Biocontrol Coalition launches with support of leading companies

February 27, 2024

A new campaigning coalition advocating increased access to biocontrol within the European Union (EU) was launched in January.

The Biocontrol Coalition already has a number of leading companies among its membership and aims to capitalize on EU elections that are coming up this year. The elections mark the beginning of a new five-year policy cycle, providing an infrequent opportunity to influence the agenda shaping agrifood innovation.

Prospero & Partners, a management consultancy based in Belgium, is spearheading the secretariat role for the coalition. 2BMonthly spoke with Prospero Consulting Partner Kristen Sukalac to learn more.

“We have three types of members: Leading Members who are biocontrol producers; Supporting Members who are associations, NGOs, companies from other sectors, etc. who want to participate actively in defining the advocacy strategy; and Innovation Allies who are organizations that support our general call for an enabling framework, but who don’t want to be as involved on an ongoing basis,” Sukalac told 2BMonthly, co-produced by New AG International with DunhamTrimmer.

“Our focus at the moment is on recruiting Supporting Members and Innovation Allies, although we would certainly welcome other Leading Members. The founding Leading Members are Aphea.Bio, Atlántica Agrícola, Certis Belchim, Diachem, Evergreen Garden Care, Lallemand Plant Care, Rovensa Next, and Syngenta.”

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