Argentina’s certification agency SENASA accepts equivalence for biochemical active ingredients

July 5, 2024

The National Food Safety and Quality Service (SENASA) of Argentina released Resolution No. 694/2024 on 26 June 2024, which recognises the evaluation and authorization of agencies in specified countries or groups of countries regarding chemical or biochemical active ingredients of pesticide products.

The statement said that SENASA resolves the recognition of technical grade active ingredients of pesticides with a list of authorised competent authorities. The countries or groups of countries listed in the annex were: Australia, USA, Mexico, New Zealand, UK, Brazil, European Union.

The equivalence will be recognised in those cases where the technical grade active ingredient comes from the same manufacturing establishment with the same minimum or higher purity than that registered in the country.

To request the recognition of equivalence, the registrant company must submit all the information required in Chapter No. 7 “Registration of equivalent chemical or biochemical active ingredients” of the ANNEX of Resolution No. 350 of 30 August, 1999 of the then Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Food and its amendments.

SENASA may carry out post-registration inspections of the equivalent technical grade active ingredient, the statement adds.

The JUNE/JULY 2024 issue of New AG International has a focus on biological regulation.
There was a brief history of biological regulation in Brazil and an update of what is coming next in this leading market; and there was an update from EBIC on the Fertilising Products Regulation, and a summary of biological regulation in Bolivia. There is also special report on South Africa. Plus, what are the considerations to regulate a new product with RNA? It’s free-to-view here.

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