xFarm Technologies forms partnership with Greenfield Technologies, SpaceSense

April 26, 2024

xFarm Technologies, a tech company in the digitalization of agriculture, announced the integration of Spain-based Greenfield Technologies and France-based SpaceSense.

It is expected the integration will allow xFarm Technologies to establish itself as a leader in the key areas of regenerative agriculture and geospatial AI.

Greenfield Technologies is a company based in Badajoz (Spain) that specializes in soil characterization, while SpaceSense is a pioneering company based in Paris that provides climate intelligence services using satellite data and artificial intelligence.

“Thanks to the complementarity of technology and expertise between xFarm Technologies and the teams at SpaceSense and Greenfield Technologies, we will work to provide our customers with new services related to climate intelligence and artificial intelligence-based agronomic support,” said Matteo Vanotti, CEO of xFarm Technologies.

In a news release, xFarm noted that Greenfield and SpaceSense represent “a significant acceleration in the international path that xFarm Technologies has been following over the last two years, first with its presence in the Iberian Peninsula, then in France, Germany and Poland.”

Miguel Córdoba, CEO of Greenfield Technologies, commented that the partnership would “strengthen our ability to enhance our solutions, such as agricultural soil characterization, support for relevant crops of the Mediterranean region like tomatoes, olives, or almonds.”

Meanwhile, Jyotsna Budideti, CEO of SpaceSense, said by “uniting the company’s geospatial AI prowess with xFarm Technologies’ agtech excellence, we aim to strengthen our Climate Intelligence services to empower farmers worldwide.”

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