Syngenta launches Cropwise in Spain

July 5, 2024

Syngenta has launched its digital farming platform Cropwise in the Spanish market.

Cropwise aims to provide farmers with a comprehensive farm management system through advanced digital solutions that optimize the productivity and profitability of their operations.

Since its launch, the Cropwise platform has attracted more than 40,000 farmers worldwide and has collected data on more than 100 million hectares of land.

Alejandro Stewart, Syngenta’s product manager for Spain and Portugal, said Cropwise makes crop management and farm operations more efficient by connecting various solutions and services.

The company says the platform has a wide range of compatibility and is able to adapt to a wide range of crops and farm types in Spanish agriculture. Currently, the Cropwise platform integrates four major digital solutions, including:
• Protector: Simplifies digitization of crop monitoring, task management, plot analysis, and field notebooks.
• Operations: Centralized monitoring and management of all agricultural operations on agricultural farms.
• Imagery: Satellite imagery analysis is used to provide farmers with unprecedented accuracy in crop monitoring.
• Seed Selector: Helps farmers maximize crop yields by recommending the best seed variety for each plot.

Syngenta also plans to integrate existing digital solutions such as digital soil analysis services Interra Scan and Digital Traps into the Cropwise platform soon.

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