Robotic company farm-ng raises $10M Series A

January 31, 2024

California, U.S.-based farm-ng announced the successful completion of its Series A funding round, raising over USD$10 million in capital to drive agricultural innovation with affordable and adaptable robotics and AI solutions.

The company’s modular electric robot, the Amiga, and its on-board AI computer is built for multiple environments, tasks and crops to help farms reduce operational costs, increase productivity and realize a rapid return on investment. Its open and extensible software allows for integration into farming applications and endless customization through developers and partners.

The company stated that in less than 18 months, over 100 Amigas have been deployed to execute a range of farming tasks from seeding, precision spraying, pest management and compost spreading to phenotyping and geo-tagged data collection, visualization and analysis.

“This Series A funding will enable us to accelerate manufacturing to meet market demand, fund the development of more autonomous farm capabilities, scale our go to market and develop an ecosystem of applications that help farms thrive for generations to come,” said Ethan Rublee, CEO and founder of farm-ng.

The funding round was led by Acre Venture Partners with participation from Xplorer Capital, HawkTower and 10 other institutional and individual investors.

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