Monarch autonomous tractor makes European debut

November 16, 2023

Monarch Tractor, maker of the Monarch Tractor MK-V, the world’s first fully electric, driver-optional, connected tractor, has launched into the European market.

“We’ve seen first-hand the benefits that electrification has on farm and vineyard operations, and a huge part of our mission is to ensure these benefits support farmers and vineyard owners in their transitions to organic and regenerative practices,” said Mark Schwager, cofounder of Monarch Tractor. “Entering into the European market, which has been openly committed to investing in and supporting the green revolution, allows us to play an integral role in making organic and sustainable practices even more profitable for farmers in the region, showing farmers globally what’s possible.”

The MK-V looks and works like a traditional tractor but offers so much more, according to the company; it is a farm energy platform with micro-grid capabilities and a cloud-controlled by-wire tractor management platform that is compatible with existing farm ecosystems and creates clear paybacks for farmers. The MK-V combines electrification, machine learning, and data analysis to enhance farm operations by driving labour productivity, increased safety, and significant cost savings. Monarch estimates that existing customers can save up to 58 percent of fuel costs through employing an MK-V fleet, all while reducing about 54 metric tons of CO2e emissions for every MK-V utilized.

“We’re already seeing interest on farms across Europe in integrating the MK-V into operations,” said Jean-Philippe Féjoz, sales director for Monarch Tractor. “There is a clear demand here for clean energy solutions and the MK-V is a catalyst for bringing that to life.”

Amplifying the MK-V’s capabilities, Wingspan Ag Intelligence (WingsapnAI) is a one-stop solution that integrates a farm management system, vehicle position tracking, crop image collection, and automated operations planning into one platform. Monarch customers can harness the true power of the MK-V with WingspanAI automated operations planning, remote fleet management, tractor performance reports, maintenance diagnostics, and more.

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