Investment promotes AI by Carbon Robotics

May 8, 2024

Carbon Robotics, an AI-powered farming company, has received an investment from NVentures, NVIDIA’s venture capital arm.

Financial details of this latest deal were not released. However, Carbon Robotics raised $43 million in new capital in 2023, bringing its total funding by February 2024 to $80 million since its founding in 2018.

Carbon Robotics’ LaserWeeder combines computer vision, AI deep learning technology, robotics and lasers to identify and eliminate weeds. LaserWeeders are in operation by growers across the U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia.

Leveraging the power of 24 NVIDIA GPUs, the LaserWeeder processes 4.7 million high-resolution images per hour, offering AI-driven plant detection and identification to target and eliminate weeds with lasers. The company claims the LaserWeeder can eradicate 5,000 weeds per minute with sub-millimetre precision and utilizes the world’s most diverse and fastest-growing agricultural image dataset, comprising 25 million labeled plants and more than 30,000 crop and weed models. The LaserWeeder also captures real-time metrics on crops and weeds and sends them to the cloud, providing farmers with actionable visual insights into their field farming operations at any time, from anywhere.

“With this investment, and using the power of AI, we can help farmers create farms and food systems of the future that are more productive, efficient, healthy and profitable,” said Paul Mikesell, CEO and founder of Carbon Robotics.

Carbon Robotics’ Track LaserWeeder. Photo: Business Wire

In February, Carbon Robotics introduced the Track LaserWeeder, a new model of the LaserWeeder, and two software enhancements: spatial data intelligence in the Carbon Ops Center and multi-language support in the iPad operator app.

The Track LaserWeeder offers a custom track system built in collaboration with Soucy and GK Machine, and was designed with growers to extend the LaserWeeder’s usability across diverse soil types, including muck soil. By equally distributing the LaserWeeder’s weight, the tracks minimize compaction and allow the machine to enter fields earlier in the season despite challenging conditions. The first Track LaserWeeders were complete and staged for delivery beginning in March 2024.

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