BASF launches new xarvio Agro Experts program in Brazil

August 25, 2023

BASF has launched a program in Brazil that links independent, agronomic consultancies with farmers through its advanced xarvio Field Manager crop optimization platform.

The unique program, called xarvio Agro Experts, gives agronomic consultancies access to existing xarvio solutions that optimize and increase productivity in the field, specifically for soybean, corn and cotton. It enables these consultancies to expand their digital farming knowledge and service offering, bringing even greater value to the work being done. It also ensures farmers can benefit from in-field support for the use of xarvio Field Manager and compatible technologies including drones, weather station devices and machinery terminals.

“Understanding and responding to the needs of the agricultural industry ensures we keep our focus on delivering value,” said Konstantin Kretschun, global head of BASF Digital Farming. “Our xarvio Agro Experts initiative in Brazil underlines this approach, helping ensure more farmers and agronomic consultants can learn about, access and profit from the use of digital farming technologies, specifically the proven, measurable benefits provided by xarvio Field Manager. From a business perspective, xarvio Agro Experts is an important milestone in our journey to positively transform agriculture via precision digital farming technologies.”

To become a xarvio Agro Expert, the agronomic consultancies must have accredited and valid agronomic certification specific to the area where they work. They also need to complete specialized theoretical and practical training on xarvio Field Manager and digital agriculture, which is provided by BASF and includes drone operation and regulation. On completion of the training, the agronomic consultancies can position themselves as xarvio Agro Experts and take xarvio products to customers they currently serve.

The xarvio Agro Experts service is being implemented across eight Brazilian states, with the participation of local agronomic consultancies that have been trained by BASF. BASF is preparing to roll out the xarvio Agro Experts initiative to other markets.

PHOTO: xarvio Agro Experts provides on-the-ground support to Brazilian farmers using xarvio Field Manager and compatible technologies, including drones, through local agronomic consultancies. Credit: BASF

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