UPL launches Global Natural Plant Production Research Center in Mexico

November 29, 2023

UPL Ltd. announced the opening of its Global Natural Plant Protection (NPP) Research Center in Ramos Arizpe, Mexico.

The Global NPP Research Center, a state-of-the-art facility, will advance natural solutions through scientific and applied excellence. This modern greenhouse with specialized equipment will be a hub for experienced researchers, fostering collaborations with local and international universities and research centers, and serve as a platform for agricultural knowledge and innovative solutions.

UPL’s Natural Plant Protection (NPP) portfolio covers a range of applications, including increasing crop resilience to disease, pests and environmental conditions, supporting crop nutrition, and improving soil health, while reducing residues and environmental impacts.

“This significant investment will continue to add value for growers and strengthen our focus on differentiated and sustainable solutions,” said Mike Frank, CEO of UPL Corporation Ltd. “This facility represents a significant milestone in advancing agricultural practices worldwide.”

Jai Shroff, Group UPL CEO and chairman, added: “The NPP Research Center reflects UPL’s mission to Reimaging Sustainability and our OpenAg commitment to building an ecosystem of connectivity and collaboration. This Center of Excellence will help address key challenges such as heat and water stress, soil health and positively impact global food security.”

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