Olmix acquires Bois Valor

February 8, 2023

Olmix Group has acquired French biotech company Bois Valor, expert in foliar biostimulants and seed treatment solutions, using substances extracted from wood and plants.

 With this acquisition, Olmix intends to accelerate its growth by consolidating its portfolio of bio-sourced solutions for soil and plant health and seed protection.

Both companies have developed a complementary industrial know-how focused on the extraction of active ingredients and the design of technical solutions for the whole agricultural sector based on natural resources: algae for Olmix, wood byproducts and plants for Bois Valor.

Bois Valor was created in 2004 after 15 years of research in collaboration with the National Superior School of Agronomy of Toulouse (ENSAT) on substances extracted from wood and plants. The company set up its headquarters, research laboratory and industrial site in Saint-Juéry, near Albi in southwest France, to exploit the patent that resulted from the research work on a unique extraction process. The company’s product portfolio consists of registered biostimulants, seed coatings and solvent-free extracted plant molecules.

Bois Valor joins Olmix’s Plant Care division.

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